Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog as a tool to blog

There are thousand of reasons why we blog in our Blog. Some blog for money. Some blog for fame. Some blog for just the reason they want to say something. Some are driven by their work. Some blog for their family. Some are just passionate. Well, just some of the many reasons.

Though there are lot of wonderful reasons that you can think to blog, these are the things that come along whenever you put an entry in your blog.:
1. Study More - to be able to post a excellent entry you try to study. You look for better words, for better phrases until you come up with a good post. You also study what topic you are posting. For example in field of photography, you study what kind of lens is suitable for this kind of place and as a result you are able to use this kind of lens and produce a stunning image.
2. Learn More - along with your study you will stumble with some things that are new to you, that are alien to you. Lets bring again the field of photography, now that you were able to choose what type of lens that are suitable to your favorite and along the way in your trip you bump into a stranger, a foreigner, and lets say you have a little talk with him. Now you know his culture.


Blogging will not only enhance your skills but also bring out some things that you are not aware of. Maybe along with your photography you were able to learn a new language and you are curious so you study it more and you found out that you can learn language easily. Well, maybe this will not happen but look at the possibilities; you can meet a new person, learn a new language, eat a new food, and etc. etc. etc. . All of this just happened because you want to blog.
But somehow, "blog" is not enough to push you through to your potentials. That is why the comment below there exist. Its a good source of tips and tricks from other experts who are more expert than you. So just respond with the comment you got and your on your way to greatness.

Anyway, just keep blogging!


itsyaboykorki said...

ello korki was here :)

Redlan said...

ayun keep blogging. welcome back again in the blogosphere.

You can achieve all the reasons of blogging you mentioned. Again and again, keep blogging lang.

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