Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Worst is sometimes the Best

Tons of people are thinking "I can do it!", "We can make it!", or "Something good will happen!".
There is a lot of people who are optimist and thinking that any problem can be solve by thinking positive. They bring out the positive energy out them and make the problem solving more enjoyable handle. Well, that might be the solution to every solution. Think of something good, something positive so that your problem would look more easier. But what if we think a little opposite. Think negative. Be a pessimist.

Being a pessimist is not bad. It is even good. Thinking negative will give you a different outlook in your life. Here is the things that you would happen when you let your mind go antagonistic.
  1. Harbor negative thoughts - before you gain the pessimistic view that you wanted you must, of course, first gather all the negative thoughts. The thoughts should be related on your problem because if not those precious time will just be wasted. So sit and think. The best question to ask is "What if?". "What if I fail?", "What if I wasn't able to raise enough money", or "What if someone else get the job I wanted?". There are tons to think of. Just be creative and spontaneous and you will generate a massive amount of negative thoughts. More negative thoughts means negative energy.
  2. Select, select, select - having about 10 - 20 possibilities in your mind is enough. When you reach that point select the your worst negative thought or simply choose the one that suits you. Choosing the former would let your mind go chaotic and haywire. The more you think of the consequence of your failure the more you will not be able to focus on your problem. And you choose the latter you will be able to set your mind in a good mood and be able to work on your problem in a smooth. Just be wise in choosing what scenario that you want.
  3. Act on it- basically you now have fear of failing , fear of screwing things up and fear of doing crap. Just keep that fear because fear is your friend. Treat this fear as a motivation rather than a hindrance in your way. Fearing that you will fail will give you a motivation to study more, research more, practice more and seek for more answers to your problems. But if you let fear engulfs you and let control of you it will put you in a very long coma. Not physically but it will halt all of your operations if you keep thinking of the consequences. In order to avoid this such mistake act on it. Act fast, accurate and precise.

Being pessimist is not bad. Being negative is not. Sometimes, it is only the way so that a person can work well and have a good results. But in order to be able to turn this negative thoughts into motivational thoughts the person should know to handle their fears. They should know how to act on it and take out the good things out it.

Just a reminder. Fear is your friend!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Comments as fuel to blogging

Just an interest in blogging is sometimes enough, sometimes not, to keep you on blogging. Some point of our "blog life" we would feel exhausted or tired and just keep the information, happenings in ourselves. There is a devil inside us that says, "Stop writing, that will do nothing". No, the devil is wrong, don't believe him. Blogging itself is helpful to keep you on writing the most important things of your life but what if these things happened. That is why comments exist. Comments are like reserve fuel when you are out of energy.

Comments. These things are very helpful when your worn out on blogging. Just think of your comments, it will be enough to push you and bring you to writing again. To further elaborate the word "comment", there are different types comments I was able to experience from the past. Here it is.:
  • Positive comments - they are the type of remarks that you want your blog post to generate. This will build your self-esteem and confidence in your posts. When you think of this positive comments it makes you smile and makes you more eager to do your next blog post more interesting and appealing to your readers. Positive comments can also come in a form of constructive criticism. Constructive criticism contains tips, tricks and information that would help your future entries. Just keep on thinking your positive comments and it will be enough to power you up.
  • Negative comments - they are the bad ones but that might depend on how would you respond in this type of comment. Some readers would post some filthy and destructive comments that would make you think, "What am I doing wrong?". That's the part where you will study and make a research about your field. Having this kind of comments in your page is not that bad, it's only a matter of doing the right response. Use this as your strength to make your posts more interesting and positive-comment-generating-post.
  • Non-sense (Spam) comments - last but not the least, this kind of comment really contains nothing, no sense, no essence. Some of the comments would be: "OK, I like your post!", or "Nice job!". Well, at some point it maybe encouraging but not informative. This will not help you to make an awesome post but rather it will encourage you to make an entry that have the quality of your previous entry. The point is this comment will not help you improve, it will make you a stagnant and a boring writer.

There are many types of comments existed in our beloved blogs. Comments that would make you smile, comments that would make you say this kind of words "@#$%^&*()", and some comments that would make your face straight, bitter, etc. The only thing that matter is what will be our corresponding actions when we receive a certain comment. It's always better to use every remarks as our strength so that the future of our "blog life" will be prosperous and rich with awesome entries.

So keep on commenting!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog as a tool to blog

There are thousand of reasons why we blog in our Blog. Some blog for money. Some blog for fame. Some blog for just the reason they want to say something. Some are driven by their work. Some blog for their family. Some are just passionate. Well, just some of the many reasons.

Though there are lot of wonderful reasons that you can think to blog, these are the things that come along whenever you put an entry in your blog.:
1. Study More - to be able to post a excellent entry you try to study. You look for better words, for better phrases until you come up with a good post. You also study what topic you are posting. For example in field of photography, you study what kind of lens is suitable for this kind of place and as a result you are able to use this kind of lens and produce a stunning image.
2. Learn More - along with your study you will stumble with some things that are new to you, that are alien to you. Lets bring again the field of photography, now that you were able to choose what type of lens that are suitable to your favorite and along the way in your trip you bump into a stranger, a foreigner, and lets say you have a little talk with him. Now you know his culture.


Blogging will not only enhance your skills but also bring out some things that you are not aware of. Maybe along with your photography you were able to learn a new language and you are curious so you study it more and you found out that you can learn language easily. Well, maybe this will not happen but look at the possibilities; you can meet a new person, learn a new language, eat a new food, and etc. etc. etc. . All of this just happened because you want to blog.
But somehow, "blog" is not enough to push you through to your potentials. That is why the comment below there exist. Its a good source of tips and tricks from other experts who are more expert than you. So just respond with the comment you got and your on your way to greatness.

Anyway, just keep blogging!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm doing a lot of thinking.